Link to featured image?

Is it possible to LINK to a featured image instead of uploading it? I have a large volume of “featured” images already stored on AWS. It’s extra steps to download and re-upload.

Hidden feature - you can drag-drop images between browser windows.
If the image is available on a public URL, no hotlink protection, you can drop it as feature and it will be imported… like this…

So… if you can generate a gallery of your images on AWS, and then drag-drop them from browser window with gallery onto Ghost post in another window…

Tried with Firefox, didn’t work, Edge can do it, and most likely Chrome.

Interesting! Thanks for sharing, @mheland. Does that copy the image into Ghost, or just the link? Time to test!

Update: That copies the image into Ghost. (I tested, and it works on Chrome.)

You can also use the API to link to another source, but that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for.

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Welp – I’ve tried it from Flickr, and from Google Drive. Flickr acted like it was working (got the “Drop file here” message), but nothing was added. Same with Flickr.

But – HERE’S a kicker. I decided to try dragging from Finder. And it worked! That is a serious timesaver for sure. So, thanks for the tip that caused me to try that!

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Quick update: I get the “drop file here like it’s hot” message pretty much any time I drag an image into the Ghost featured image space from anywhere but Finder. But, it doesn’t actually work. Not sure why.

I did a couple of tests to try to understand why it works in some cases and other cases not.

This image from Flickr

responds with x-frame-options: DENY in headers, they don’t want to be my CDN, I get that. But Ghost imports the image, so why can’t Ghost just pull it? Frustrating.

I’m old-school and technology will yield, so… I tried to drop it on the File Upload dialog that opens when you click Add Feature Image. I drag the image from flickr and drop it on the File Upload dialog. It saves it to the current folder!
Then I just click OK and it’s imported into Ghost. Unexpected, but I got the receipts.

You’re on a Mac, does this work in Finder as well?

I can drag directly from Finder into the featured image area. Dragging from anywhere else (Flickr, Google Drive, various news stories) into either the featured image area OR into the “select file” dialog doesn’t work.

I haven’t tried other file storage services, such as Dropbox or iCloud. I probably ought to, just to see.