16x16 favicon.ico not supported

Ghost appears to only allow Publication Icons with minimum size of 60x60. I have a favicon.ico file that I’ve been using for ages that is 16x16 and I’m unable to upload this due to the minimum restriction.

I can override this with a rewrite in nginx before it proxies to Ghost and serve my file anyway, but I’m unsure why this limit is in place in Ghost.


Hi Bryan, it’s in place because the icon is not just used for favicons, it’s used in a bunch of places - and even favicons these days are too low res at 16px. You need them to be 32 to look normal on a retina/4k screen, so 60px felt like a pretty good minimum to support that, as well as other places the icon might appear, such as in the Ghost desktop sidebar.

OK, understood. Mine’s intended to look pixely and old-skool, so it’s a plus if it looks even more that way when scaled. :wink: I’ll just rewrite the request in nginx.

What about just using one of many resizers and make it bigger. It can still be pixely :wink:

Hmm, also a good option, thanks!

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