Side Bar for advertising - Headline theme


is there a way to include a side wide side bar which I could use to advertise e.g. books or other products using affiliate links?

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Hi again, bumping this up for help with coding to include a side bar on the right side of of the home page as well as posts.

I was tole it is already possible but my search was not successful.

This isn’t a small adaptation, but a bigger development/theme customisation task, if you want it done properly (What happens on mobile? How will you add new items to the side bar? What if Ghost updates the Headline theme further down the line? Just to name a few questions…)

You’d probably find somebody to help you here:

“Help with coding” in a community forum only works to a certain degree. If you’re looking for free help, I’d suggest giving it a shot yourself first – I am more than happy (and many others as well, I assume) to help you with any concrete questions and issues you run into.

A good starting point for this would be this:


If you decide to edit a theme to accomplish this, you might want to look at Source, which has a sidebar already that might be adapted to your purposes (if you want one where it is currently located), or look at repurposing one of the columns in the top gridded section.

I’ll suggest creating a page with the content and then pulling in the content of that page onto the front page as a way to populate the sidebar, but you can expect to need to do some customizing to make that work, for sure!


I kind have a janky solution to to this. I implement a right sidebar ad in Desktop mode for the source theme. You can find these in any posts at In Mobiles the ads to below the post before the comments. I accomplished this by injecting the images with affiliate link as a div at the end of the post and added some css almost same as the table of contents css from this. Ask claude ai, it will help you. Also switch the position of the signup button in desktop mode if you put ads on the right side

This is the source theme after those modification.
Btw hey @jannis what do you think about the magicpages banner on my site?