Importing members with CSV

I’m having some trouble importing members with my CSV. I’m following the documentation that states

Imports should be in a CSV format and support the following fields:

  • email - email addresses
  • name - full names
  • note - member notes
  • subscribed_to_emails - [true/false] identify which members will receive email newsletters
  • stripe_customer_id - unique Stripe customer ID to import existing paid subscribers
  • complimentary_plan - [true/false] import members who have a free subscription
  • labels - Labels need to be in quotes and comma separated for multiple

But the thing is my newsletter is free, and I also don’t have stripe_customer_id for the 5k emails I currently have. Also, I’m not sure if the complimentary_plan is relevant to me either. Should I just include these columns with nothing in them? I’ve tried a couple of different ways but so far my import has been unsuccessful.

Edit: I also tried importing the contact on the template csv in the docs, that one doesn’t import either, what am I missing?

Do you see any specific error message when it fails? That would help in troubleshooting.

This is the only thing that I see

Hey @Avery! One thing that might have been misunderstood here is that not all the fields are required, the CSV import only supports the list above, but only the email address is the one that has to appear in your CSV. You literally can import just a list of emails, if that’s what your goal is :wink:

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Ahhhh that clears things up! I deleted the rest of my nonsense columns, kept the email and name columns and it imported fine! Thanks for that

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