Improve support for Pinterest "Pin It" buttons on <img/> tags

I don’t see much of an easy way to edit image attributes for Pinterest optimization. “Pin It” buttons for Pinterest can pre-format pins by reading from specific image attributes. They seem to be becoming very popular on blogs. You can read more about image attributes for Pinterest here. I particularly would find the “data-pin-id” and “data-pin-url” attributes the most useful.

Furthering support for easy Pinterest integration would be awesome. Pinterest is a huge traffic source for a lot of bloggers, so I think that this would be valuable for many. Perhaps creating a Pinterest card like done for Facebook and Twitter as seen in the Post settings.

People who use Pinterest tend to be pretty familiar with how to pin things, and/or are very skilled at using the browser extension.

You can add whatever HTML you want via an HTML card in the Ghost editor. What most bloggers tend to do is add their “pinnable” image, with requisite attributes, to either the top or the bottom of the post.

This already works fine, and doesn’t require any new features or modifications to Ghost — but I agree that we should have a Pinterest integration guide that explains this. Will feed that back to the team so that it gets added to our integrations directory: