Include different posts in one single post

Hi there,

I need to create a post that includes a variety of other posts in full but the link/bookmark feature displays only a short excerpt.

What’s the best way to create this ‘master post’ that includes other published posts in full?


You probably just need to create a post and copy and paste the content from other posts that you want in it. Could use some of the cards to make it look nice, like header cards and buttons for links.

Unfortunately, copy and paste doesn’t quite work for my use case. There are too many posts that need to be included and it would take way too much time to manually do this.

There must be a way to increase the size when pasting url’s? Or another way that I haven’t thought about?

Sharing links to posts creates a bookmark card which uses the URLs meta data to populate the card. This is how bookmark cards work in Ghost and many other platforms.

There might be something you can do with some custom development work - but based on your use case I still think creating the post manually would be the fastest solution.

I’ve taken the following handlebars code from a page on my site.

{{#get "pages" filter="tag:front_page_site_content" as |content_pages|}}
  {{> "loop_front_page" items=content_pages}}

It picks up the pages (not posts – you’d need to change that) tagged with front_page_site_content, and sends them off to a partial loop_front_page which works with each. My partial takes {{title}}, {{url}}, {{excerpt}} and pops them into a div – I guess yours would need to work with {{content}}, too. I imagine that this will not pick up any of the post-specific inserted css or js.

Would be interested in if you got this sorted and if so how your page looks like now?