Can the home page be complemented?

I am running a self-hosted Ghost, where I plan to publish blog posts.

Before now, I have written some articles for other blogs, and I don’t have the right to publish them on my blog, though I can show a snippet of them. Can I complement the post feed on Ghost with those from other blogs? The plan is that the external posts will go to the actual website when clicked.

Does Ghost support this out of the box? I have searched around but couldn’t find anything.

Write an introduction or précis of the post, and then insert a bookmark card, and finish by summarising the main points.

Th blog entry will also appear on your homepage.

I set up something sort of like this for another client - we also modified the homepage so that it would link direct to the posts elsewhere, so that visitors didn’t have to click into the post just to click the bookmark.

@Cathy_Sarisky How do you grab te URL and title of the bookmark from the post object?

Sorry to reply so late. I used jQuery to grab the first bookmark card, and grabbed its href attribute for the a tag. Then I used that href to rewrite the url of the a for the post card. (This was a theme with post content on the front page, but you could do it even if you don’t actually display the content on the front page, as long as you make it available to the javascript.)