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Encourage reader engagement by sharing your latest posts in each newsletter issue!

The new latest posts feature automatically adds the latest three published posts to the bottom of your newsletters, so you can invite subscribers to explore more of your content and encourage them to visit your site as logged-in members.

If email is the primary way you interact with your audience but you have lots of published content on your site, this new feature is a perfect fit to increase engagement and click-through rates 📊

Turn on the latest posts section in your email settings:


Now all you have to do is bring the juicy content!


Awesome! I’ll use it next week for the first time. So if you publish & email a brand-new post with this feature on, does it add the prior 3 posts published (not including the one being published right then and there)?

Does it include all Post Access levels (public, members, paid-members) and if so, does it pull the Excerpt even for paid?

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Love it! Where can I enable it?

Edit: Is it just me or do others see the big empty space below the Ghost Changelog posts? Is it some special content / video that’s not getting rendered?

Seems to be some weirdness with the Discourse cross-posting. The original is here Include latest posts in newsletters on the Ghost changelog blog (that you can also subscribe to separately if you don’t want to miss anything :slight_smile:)

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Thanks! Subscribed :) Keep the awesome updates coming :heart:

@Kevin one more question :sweat_smile: Is it possible to enable this feature for the blog, in addition to the newsletter? So it shows my recent posts below the current one, just like it shows in the email.

What do you think?

That’s doable by editing your theme, or choosing one that has that feature already built-in.

Many themes include this functionality by default, but we also recently published a tutorial/video on how to add this to your theme:

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Thanks @Kevin and @RyanF, I am on a Ghost PRO plan, should I still be able to modify the theme to add the necessary code?

You can use custom themes on the Creator plan or higher.

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