Newsletter, footer, latest posts - all or just specific tier

Ghost includes the option to add a footer to the newsletter that listed the latest 3 posts. After the announcement @chernoff asked whether all posts were listed, or just for specific tiers.

For example, if you make a newsletter for all subscribers (paid and free), does it also list recent posts only available to those who pay?

Presumably it should, as it would seem like a good way to increase paid subscriptions. @chernoff 's question remained unanswered and I’m not sure I can test this with a locally installed copy of Ghost.

I’ve just introduced subscriptions and want to know whether I need to craft a separate newsletter footer to encourage free subscribers that they’re missing something …


All tiers appear to be listed - paid or free members - but those only available to paying members are not marked as such. I use the Dawn theme where paywalled articles are starred on the website, but it looks as though Ghost does not discriminate in the newsletter format.