Inconsistency between subscribers and send amount

I currently have 2101 subscribers but when I click to send I get the following message:

Your post will be published on your site, and delivered to all 2,048 subscribers.

It is a 53 subscriber difference, why is it so?

(Self hsoted, updated to latest 5.2.3 version today, but I saw this last version too).

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In Ghost, a member can unsubscribe without their information being deleted. More on this topic.

If you’d like to see who these members are, from the dashboard:

  • Click on Members on the left-hand menu.
  • Use the Filter option in the upper right-hand corner to filter by [Newsletter subscription] [is] [Unsubscribed].
  • The list will then populate with the approx. 53 people you mentioned.

Got it, thanks! It might be good to show it via the UI.