Increase the RSS feed limit from 15 to 300 or Custom variable

The current RSS feed limit is 15 and cannot be changed currently. I propose either a changing to the maximum of 300 or allowing for customization on the developer/publisher side.

I have a podcast and any new episode I publish means that the 15th oldest is unpublished. No podcasting site allows for pagination. This needs to be changed by Ghost.

Sure! If you want a custom RSS feed you can make one like this:

I have a custom feed already. The problem is that Ghost limits the feed to 15 items before it creates another page. There is no way to increase the amount of items per page.

For Wordpress and other RSS feeds, there is a maximum of 300 which can be set. Ghost is limited to 15 right now.

The response I recieved from Ghost support about this is:

โ€œthe RSS feed by default only displays 15 posts per page, however it is paginated, so additional posts can be viewed at `(`), (`), and so on. Currently there is no way to modify the existing limit for the feed, yet .โ€

That information relates to the default feed, and does not apply to custom feeds which are outlined in the link above. Custom feeds have no pagination or limits when using the {{get}} helper - so if your feed is being paginated, then you arenโ€™t using a custom feed.