Increased server response time since upgrading to Ghost 4 - Degraded performance

I’m a long time user of Ghost on my own Digital Ocean droplet. I have recently upgraded to the latest version.

I have noticed a significant, up to 2-second delay in the initial server response time when visiting my blog (url below). When I still ran Ghost 3 the response times were swift and great as always, but now every full refresh of the page as an end user, my client waits anywhere between 2-3 seconds for the initial response.

As I’m not so good in troubleshooting exactly what is going on, I wanted to ask here if since the last big update to Ghost 4 there could be some changes affecting the performance of the initial response?

I’ve restarted ghost multiple times, rebooted the Digital Ocean droplet which has been running my blog for the past two years, and I’ve also separately restarted Nginx, but the sluggish performance persists.

Is there anyone else experiencing similar performance degradation? The speed of initial load is very important for me and this is why I am asking.

I thank you for your thoughts already in advance.

I’ve Installed and upgraded everything with the Ghost-CLI

4.0 increased performance but there has been a regression in 4.1.0 due to unexpected behaviour of the database library we use, it’s being tracked here: