Infinite scroll is broken in Source theme

It appears that when scrolling in the new Source theme and the infinite scroll is invoked the first time the same content is shown as before. If you scroll further, the content is correct.

Probably in page 2 the content of page 1 is shown.

Issue Summary

  • Duplicate content is loaded when the infinite scroll is activated in the first time
  • It is expected that new content is loaded

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have more than 16 posts, or change the posts_per_page setting in package.json to a lower value
  2. Scroll

Setup information

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Node.js Version

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Ubuntu 22.04

Database type

Relevant log / error output

Thanks for reporting. I believe this release fixes this issue:

I don’t think it’s fixed completely since I’m on the latest Ghost version 5.70.1. It seems that the problem is only occurring on page 2 where the content of the first page is shown.

Looking at the code, that seems to be the intended behavior where page 2 shows your most recent content as well as the current page.

I’ll confirm this and report back.

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I can confirm that it’s the intended behavior, where page 2 acts like a site archive, showing all the posts on the site.