Initial ghost install not previewing

I have a new install of ghost on a virtual machine in the cloud on cent os.

When i preview a post the preview functionality resolves to a temporary url at localhost, rather than the actual domain name for the site. That localhost based url moniker does not resolve via nginx and ghost.

eg http://localhost:2368/p/09558e9c-7cdb-4d25-89a8-afac5bb6a01a

Once published i can see the post via the domain name with no problems. It is purely the preview functionality (and i suspect the localhost uri moniker being present rather than the domain name) which is not behaving.

I understand this is a newbie question. Any offered help greatly appreciated.


What’s the url configured in your config.production.json? If you used the cli to set up Ghost, you can run ghost config get url. Make sure it’s your domain name and not localhost :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much Vikas. I appreciate the help. I did actually resolve it yesterday but via the rather painful method of a general google for config file examples and checking mine against a few. Thanks for the command utility tip.

Its all just general technical experience and instinct to get ghost working. The documentation could be improved.