Inline Poll Cards

There is a previous thread on the topic of polls but it recommends using tools like Google Forms, which wouldn’t work in line.. Pushing people off site to answer a single multiple-choice question doesn’t seem right.

I’m thinking of a card that lets you:

  • Ask a question and list multiple options below. Or:
  • Ask a question, and show multiple elements or mini-cards side-by-side below. For example, ask a question, show two photos side-by-side, and make each photo selectable, directly or with radio buttons, to respond to the poll. I understand that this option would be hard to implement. Maybe just make it specific to photos? And specifically limited to the same dimensions as a current photo gallery?
  • Show results immediately or hide results until the poll is closed.
  • Set a timer for the poll to close, or leave it open until closed manually. A poll could be left open indefinitely on a page.
  • Close a poll and/or make results visible.
  • See results and manage the poll in ghost admin from the post editor.
  • Make polls open to all / subscribers / paid subscribers.

I don’t need all of these features right away, of course, but that seems like a good set of features to put together. I don’t need multi-question forms, or an “other” option, I realize that both of those create complications, especially for viewing results and data retention.

This might be a reasonable option, if you need something now:

I haven’t used it, but it looks to be free.

Any solution not involving changes to the Ghost core is going to need to integrate a third party, as Ghost doesn’t have custom fields that could be used to store poll results.