Install a production Ghost on local machine?

The local machine install
$ ghost install local
uses SQLite, where as the production version uses MySQL server.

I’d like to install a production version of Ghost on my macOS Big Sur. I would backup the live website and restore it on the local machine.

Purpose: To have a mini-version of the live website on my local machine to experiment and modify without affecting the live website.

Is this possible?

Thank you.

A local version of Ghost should be enough for this, especially if it’s a vanilla install :slight_smile: All a “production” install does is improve reliability and performance

ghost install has several flags for more advanced installations. If you’re looking to create a local ghost install with a MySQL backend, you can run ghost install --db mysql

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Hi Vikas,

Thank you. Can SQLite import/export a db from/to MySQL using $ mysqldump and $ gunzip ?

Best regards.

It cannot, but it looks like there might be a script to convert a MySQL dump to sqlite:

You can also just run MySQL on your mac :slight_smile:

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For local development it might me easier to just do an export via Settings → Labs → Export and then import that to a ghost install local instance running SQLite, that’s generally what I do when working on themes

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