MySQL is impossible to install!

Like others, I’m having to reinstall and configure ghost for the new version. I’ve been using mariadb, but that breaks the latest Ghost.

MySQL will not install in Ubuntu. If you follow the tutorial from Ghost, the installation of MySQL freezes and hangs. I’ve tried countless times and it’s a known issue. Just search the web.

How in the world do you get it to install and run?!?!

Take a look at this

That really sucked for me too. I had to move my blog from Digital Ocean to Name Cheap!

I went a different route. I’m now using the official docker container which uses sqlite3. It works.

Just be aware sqlite3 is intended for development use only. In Ghost 5.0 sqlite will only work in development mode.

Another thing to note is that the Ghost organization does not publish the Docker images, they’re maintained by the Docker Community.