Install ghost with ssh

Hello !
I would like to install Ghost on my website.

ssh [moncompte]@ssh-[moncompte]
git clone[moncompte]/[repo] .
npm install

when i do npm install i have an error.

Not sure which environment you are in, or what the error is, but this worked for me.

Other options are linked from here: How to install Ghost, the official guide

In local it worked for me too, on my coumputer it’s Ubuntu 18.04.
But i would like to install Ghost on the server at Alwaysdata.
The errors :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

@oncletim , this seems like a related issue to invalid distance too far back · Issue #22839 · nodejs/node · GitHub. Would need to know more about the environment that you are trying to install Ghost on at Alwaysdata :slight_smile:

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