These instructions don’t work…

Go ahead and try to install Ghost from a fresh Ubuntu server installation. It will fail in so many different ways.

Please Ghost Team, please update these instructions.


Please explain with examples, and specifying the versions of OS, Node, MySQL, Ghost etc. you were using.

I can’t see any obvious errors in the documentation. I’ve used this guide in recent days to successfully assist others install Ghost, and would be happy to recommend updates if provide something I can work with.

The most common issue seems to be a failure to follow the compatibility guide, read and understand the instructions before starting, and not installing the prerequisites.

Any fresh Ubuntu Server installation 20.x or 18.x, then follow the guide line by line verbatim - cut and paste, but editing things like username as the guide says. You’ll get errors about database migration locks, or NGINX won’t start because it’s (supposedly) not there after being installed, to ghost not being able to start.

I’ve tried countless times for over a year, and it just doesn’t work.

Would you please consider posting a tutorial online since you’ve got it to work?

This isn’t my experience, and unless you clearly express the errors you see, I can’t assist further.

I have posted steps to install Ghost on Ubuntu that work. Search for my posts.

I was curious about this, so I just tried an install on Ubuntu 20.04 following the directions in the link. Everything went smoothly – I was up and running in no time. Please let us know more about the errors you’re seeing, so we can troubleshoot.

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