Installing Ghost on a Linode Server?

Hello! I’m trying to install ghost 2.0 for the first time on a Linode server. I went through the install guide listed in the docs, and the Ghost CLI seemed to work, but now when I navigate to the IP address, it just shows the default welcome page for nginx.

I placed the files in a folder under www, but I don’t intend to use www when it’s fully up. Should I add an htaccess file to get rid of that?

I purchased the domain to use for the website, but navigating there turns up blank, even though I’ve linked my domain to the server. The IP address is .

Did I make a mistake in configuration?

It looks like you haven’t set up an A record which points your domain to the IP address you mentioned. Without doing this, the internet won’t be able to know that the the content for is located at your IP Address

should I add an htaccess file to get rid of that?

Nginx doesn’t support htaccess files, FYI :)

Thanks. So what do I need to remedy this? And how would I go about defaulting to the naked domain?

Finally, shouldn’t the IP address resolve to the ghost default page and not the nginx welcome?

You need to configure the DNS via your domain registrar (or DNS manager if you configured one - I’m guessing you probably didn’t)

The IP address shouldn’t resolve to the Ghost installation because the CLI didn’t configure nginx to do so. It should have configured nginx to respond with the Ghost installation when you visit your domain

Thanks. I thought I did, adding some nameservers to point to linode and adding it in Linode’s DNS manager.

Sorry, I’m far from a web dev. Can you walk me through the next steps to properly configure a ghost blog on my server addressed at my domain? I’m not quite sure where I should take it from here.

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