HTML pop-ups to collect Ghost signups from other websites

I have another website where I’d like to collect subscribers for my Ghost newsletter. Is there a simple HTML pop-up or even an iframe I can implement? Right now I can only add a link to #/portal/signup but it’s not very efficient.

Yup, see this thread for more:

Thanks! This looks like what I need, but I’m unable to get it to work. I’ll keep trying.

The instructions may have changed a bit since that thread.

Here’s the script tag you need to include:

<script defer src="" data-api="" data-key="YOUR_CONTENT_API_KEY" data-ghost=""></script>

You’ll need to generate a custom integration at SettingsIntegrations.

Let me know how it goes!


Thanks Ryan I’ll try this out.
This uses the “Content API key” is that correct?

Yes! You’d never want to expose your Admin API key publicly like on a script tag in this case.

Thanks Ryan. I’ve tried a few different ways and can’t get this to work. Literally nothing shows up when I refresh the page. I’m trying to add it to my Shopify site, and one problem I run into when pasting this as HTML into an existing page is that Shopify turns this:

<script defer src="...

…into this:

<script defer="defer" src="...

I tried adding it to a custom page.liquid and theme.liquid templates, but no luck there either.

Can you share a link to your Shopify page? Do you see any errors in the console?

For defer, you should be able to do defer="true".

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Sure thing, thanks for taking a look. It’s

EDIT: Checked the console and saw this:

Looked it up on a Shopify forum and found this answer (although I don’t know how to implement this):