Internal server error - Cannot edit pages with metadata set


Version: 4.32.0
Environment: Production
Database: mysql (MariaDB 10.4)
Mail: SMTP

GUI Error Message

Internal server error, cannot edit page. Unable to update nested relation. [object Object]

Docker Logs Error Message

[2022-01-03 12:24:56] ERROR “PUT /ghost/api/canary/admin/pages/60264c84bda467000125a24a/” 500 119ms
Unable to update nested relation.
Error ID:
Error Code:

BookshelfRelationsError: Unable to update nested relation.


In general updating and creating pages is possible as long as the page has no metadata fields modified and you are not modifing them currently.
When there is metadata set, no modifiation is possilbe anymore.

Please advice how to proceed.

Thanks a lot,


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