Is a full import of members (w/ their Stripe subscription details) possible?

Ghost 5.17.2 on a Digital Ocean droplet. I am contemplating a move from Memberful to Ghost and the migration guide seems…incomplete. Specifically, not only isn’t there any guidance for moving paying members from Memberful to paying members on Ghost, it doesn’t seem to be possible to do so (through the web interface or the API (or, therefore, Zapier)) and maintain the membership levels and renewal/expiration dates for those members. Memberful members have Stripe customer ids associated with them (and credit/debit cards), but after importing them into Ghost, there’s no way to associate a member with any premium membership tiers. Memberful doesn’t use Stripe subscriptions (subs are managed by Memberful and just the payments are handled by Stripe) and I’m not sure if there’s a way to associate those Stripe customers with the correct Stripe subscription products without doing each individual by hand (not an option in my case). And even if you could manage to do that, how would you transfer those associations to Ghost?

Just so that it’s clear, let’s say I’ve got the following members in Memberful that I’d like to import into Ghost:

Vanessa Franklin, $30/yr, renews on 12/3/22
Matt Barnes, $60/yr, expires on 2/18/23
Tina Watts, $3/mo, renews on 11/6/22

Matt seems like the easiest to do; you can import him with a complimentary subscription, except that you can’t specify an expiration date (there’s ony a dropdown menu with a few canned options). But how can Vanessa and Tina be imported into Ghost with their subscription levels intact? And then import 1000+ more members, each at one of 10-12 different membership levels and various renewal or expiration dates? Does this need to be done in Stripe somehow? And then synced with Ghost? (Webhooks?) Or is it necessary to write a custom import script that bypasses the API and uses MySQL INSERTs & UPDATEs? Would the Ghost Concierge be able to do this? Any advice would be helpful.

Hi! Moving from Memberful to Ghost can be a little complicated, which is why the guide omits any references to paid subscribers.

I’d love to dig into this a bit more with you. Can you email ?

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