Importing members who have cancelled subscriptions

Issue Summary

  • Explain roughly what’s wrong

My client had subscribers coming into Ghost from Stripe & Memberpress. We successfully imported everyone EXCEPT the 40 or so users who had cancelled their subscriptions but still had time remaining. They had Stripe customer IDs, which I successfully got into Ghost (as evidenced by later exporting the same members), but Ghost wouldn’t mark them as anything but free.

I tried removing and reimporting those users, with a disconnection from Stripe in the middle. No change.

  • What did you expect to happen?

Newly imported members who have valid Stripe customer numbers and time remaining on a subscription should be imported as paid members, with that time remaining.

Steps to Reproduce

Get some subscribers into Stripe (I don’t think it’s Memberpress specific?)
Cancel their subscriptions.
Import them to Ghost (with their Stripe customer numbers)
Observe that they’re listed as free tier, not paid tier.

Setup information

Ghost Version
Ghost Pro.

No error messages - email shows successful import.


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