Is there anyway to use ghost for hosting podcast?


I am planning to setup a podcast station for myself - record the radio and listen with podcast app in the smartphone. I wonder if there is anyone who is using ghost as for hosting podcast?
I just found Wordpress has several plugins for that purpose.

However, I prefer to use ghost as it is more simple to install and manage and lightweight.


You could use Ghost as an entrypoint for the podcast, but I wouldn’t use it to host the podcast files because the logistics of that are beyond painful (streaming audio is not an easy feat)

The Ghost Blog has a podcast page if you’re looking for inspiration


I’m just starting to use ghost as my major site for my two podcasts. I’m not going to host it on my ghost site but I’m going to publish my episodes and have a web player on each post. Right now I’m only public one at and the other gonna be on


Thanks for this link :slight_smile:

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