New to Ghost with a Simple Question

Can I use this service to build a custom site, but allow the customer to edit their content, blog, and other important content-related elements of their site?

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With this Service, you referring to Ghost as software in general or to Ghost Pro? @Thomas_Joel

Hey @Thomas_Joel! You can create additional users for clients to log in and edit content if that’s what you mean

I have a custom site on GoDaddy. I want some of the content of that site to editable through CMS. Is Ghost that type of service, where I ID the content that needs to be edited by the client and give them access to their Ghost admin to manage their content. Is Ghost this?

Either, please.

It is indeed! Ghost is a content management system you can use for clients :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you refer me to some resources to learn how to do this, please? I can’t seem to find a clear path for this.

Can they also run a bog as well as manage simple text/image content?

Absolutely! Here’s some resources to learn more:

Hope this helps

Thank you!

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