Personalised Data Models



I have been on a hunt for the perfect Headless CMS to adopt at my workplace, and tried services like Contentful and Prismic, followed by Strapi and now Ghost.

Among all of them Ghost was the first to work straight without hiccups (maybe I’m just getting better at using the apis on my template).

I’m not a total fan of the way you can write posts, but I understand it will make life nicer for the people that will actually write the content.

However, this brings up a major problem. Sometimes you need more fields of data, for example 2 pictures, 2 titles and a bit of text. With the current “1 title, 1 content” method, everything else more elaborated seems a bit of a hack.

The aforementioned CMSs all have specific Content Type creators, so my question is, can Ghost be actually even considered in the same category as the other ones?

And mainly, am I missing something, or is it planned for the near future, to allow the possibility to create new Data Models?


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