Is Ghost the right choice for me?

I’m planning on building a Media Platform, with some Client Side (Web & Mobile) Applications.

The backend isn’t supposed to be complex.
It just needs to:

  • Provide User Authentication of some sort (JSON Web Tokens or similar)
  • Manage Permissions & Protect specific routes from unauthorized users.
  • Make it easier to create & manage collections.
  • Make it easy to form relations between collections.

I was looking for a headless solution. I came across Strapi, and Ghost. But Ghost also seems to have a front-end despite having a Full API.

I was wondering if it’s possible to disable this & only use the API to Get, Update, Create, & Delete Data.

So is Ghost a good choice for me or should I stick with something like Strapi instead ?

I preferably wanna deploy this in a docker container.

Thank you for any assistance.

Ghost can be set to ‘Private’ mode which will hide the font-end but will still let you use the full Ghost admin and the API. The setting can be found at the bottom of the General settings.

The features you describe certainly seem possible with Ghost. However I would strongly recommend trying out Ghost for yourself to see if it fits the job and your criteria. Ghost is completely open source and you can install it right now on your machine using the Ghost CLI:

Hope this helps!

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