Is it possible to do a big mega-menu and sub-menus using what we have on the admin + handlebars tweaking?

Since navigation bars/menus don’t change often (at least for me) i created a static one within the .hbs files

It looks like this when being hovered on one of its dropdown sections:

All of those categories you see on the big mega menu are post tags. The other two items on the menu are just a regular item and one regular dropdown menu. (the one next to the yellow button on the right upper corner)

Of course this static menu has nothing to do with the ghost admin. Nothing at all, one can add as many menu items within the admin and this menu wont be affected.

My question is, could this same kind of menu be done programmatically using the menu input we have on the admin?

This appears to be a duplicate of:

Agreed. Just wanted to know if i was doing it right. I thought maybe there was a better way

Also i agree this is a duplicate, you might want to delete the other post

Sounds fairly complex to me. Personally I would rather build it statically inside the theme. Mega menus tend to have extra content like images or text which need to be bespoke and fitted into the menu dropdown. We’ve got documentation on how to edit your Handlebars theme here: