Is it possible to edit {{ghost_head}}?

I am running on ghost 3.37.1 and I need to change the default Structured Schema Article component to NewsArticle in some of my pages.

As I identified {{ghost_head}} adds everything and I searched through the folders but could not find a template file for the head.

Any help / idea would be highly appreciated


You can’t edit ghost_head because it’s a helper. If you want to override the metadata, you’ll need to create a template that doesn’t use the helper, but does include the same content

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Hi again,

Any idea on the content of ghost head?

Obviously I can view the HTML output but not the helper file. I want to make some small changes to the social graph output and don’t want to break anything else.

You can find the source code to the head helper here:

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Thanks, I am not able to pull this into head.

I was looking for more information such as the following, Output structured data in {{ghost_head}} · Issue #3900 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub this gives a lot of the intention of ghost_head structured data and open graph, but some information is missing