Using {{ghost_head}} with a Jamstack site

Hey all,

I just started with a new Ghost (version 5.17.1) project and I’m building a separate front-end for it. It’s not live but I’m actively developing it. Right now, I’m diving into the different cards that the editor supports (like the gallery). I’d like to support some of those cards from the editor to my front-end, but they require CSS and JS to be loaded from Ghost itself.

The docs are pretty clear about this, you can pick the code from the GitHub repo or use the {{ghost_head}} helper in your theme because that will output links to the required styles and scripts.

Since {{ghost_head}} outputs a lot more useful information, I started looking at how to reference it in my front-end.

So my question is, is there a helper to use {{ghost_head}} in my front-end somehow?