Is it possible to edit the portal file?


I’m understand the tiers in the portal can be edited to included benefits and such, but is it possible to edit the portal page itself, if so where is the file located?

I’m trying to add a simple logo to the portal page above the name and email fields to replace simply the publication name. Must be possible somehow? Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The portal actually does display the publication icon in that location, so if you haven’t yet uploaded yours, try that first! You get there from /ghost , click the settings button (gear icon), and then it’s in ‘design and branding’.

Editing Portal is complicated. It’s a separate app that sits on top of your Ghost site, not a .hbs file you can edit. You could fork it and load a custom version, but you’d have to replace the whole {{ghost_head}} helper to do so.

I’m looking specifically for where I can modifier this, as my logo is not loading, only the site title.

<header class="gh-portal-signup-header"><h1 class="gh-portal-main-title" data-testid="site-title-text">Forge</h1></header>
<h1 class="gh-portal-main-title" data-testid="site-title-text">SITE TITLE</h1>