Can the Portal be edited on Ghost Pro?

I would like to add some additional copy before the sign-up boxes/tiers and probably a different logo/image. I couldn’t find any relevant file in my theme.

Yes it can be . You can add text links, whatever you want.

It is done directly in the portal, no need to go into your theme. Done from admin dashboard.

I can only see Portal Settings and the Tiers, which I know I can edit. I want to add some persuasive copy before the Email and Name boxes.

Hi! I’m glad you pointed out your post on the chat - hadn’t realized you hadn’t had a response.

Ghost Pro loads the latest version of Portal. Always. I’m not aware of a supported way to avoid that, although I know a couple kludges. But that’d require you to build a custom version of Portal and host it somewhere. (Not impossible, but when Ghost updates Portal, you’re going to have to rebuild your custom version…)

Perhaps a better option would be to use a page other than the Portal page, which you can customize at the theme layer. This is supported and works on Ghost Pro (as long as you have a plan that allows you to load a custom theme), but most themes don’t do it. @fueko has a number of paid themes that do - see for example Membership

I’m not aware of a free theme that includes the custom membership functionality. If anyone knows of one, please add it as a resource on this thread!

(Tiny update: Lyra didn’t get an update to Ghost 5.x and has tiers hard-coded, but might still be a good place to start if you are willing to tackle rewriting a bunch of handlebars code. Otherwise, I’d have recommended it! GitHub - TryGhost/Lyra: A paid-members theme for Ghost )