Is it possible to have a block of content for anyone who is not a member?

I’d like to show some content for non-members similar to how we can for non paid members via email.

It’d be cool if I could do a /nonmember command to show something like a CTA or other content without modifying the theme.

Is something like this possible today?

Based on what you’re asking, it sounds like you may be looking for Public previews: Using public previews in Ghost — Help Center.

If not, please let me know a bit more info on what you’re trying to accomplish :smile:

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Thanks for the reply, @RyanF!

That’s close, and I’m currently using that :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a way to show content that’s on public posts to non-members. So if the entire post is public, only show a block of content to non-members, rather than everyone.

Also important to note, being able to do so anywhere and however often in a post. So I can ask for signups and show targeted content in various places of a post.