Is it possible to install old versions of Ghost?

Hello, I have six Ghost Blogs hosted on ubuntu 16. I want to migrate the exact old versions to a new server with Ubuntu 20.04
The ghost versions I have on my Ubuntu 16 droplet vary from 1.20.3 to 3.11

I have installed nvm on my new server so I can change the node versions, also I have installed Ghost-CLI version: 1.17.0

I ran a ghost install 1.20.3 on an empty folder with proper permissions but I get an error saying the node version (10) is not compatible with that Ghost version 1.20.3.

But if I go down to node 8, then Ghost-CLI 1,17 complains Ghost only works with Node v.10 and up

So how can I install old versions of Ghost such as 1.20.3 on a new server? Do I have to install old Ghost-CLI versions as well?

Thanks in advanced

Yep. As you’re trying to install 1.20.3, the minimum CLI version was 1.3.0 so you can try from there. You’ll want to upgrade to the latest 1.x version using that version of the CLI, and then upgrade to 4.x (using the latest version of the cli) as per the docs.

Thanks, i will try that later.