Is it possible to use custom year/hide the year in post dates?

Hi, I want to know if it’s possible to use custom year or hide the year in post dates. I want to run a fiction blog about a videogame universe (Star Citizen) that is set in 2954, and having the actual year displayed on posts would ruin the immersion. So I would like to either customise the year yo 2954 - and have it automatically change with +1 every year - or, if that is not possible, to simply hide the year and only keep date and month.

I found this thread, and tried copying the suggested CSS codes (I am not knowledgeable of CSS myself) to the Code Injection section in settings, but none of these removed the year/date from my post. Maybe that is outdated?

Or maybe it is simpler and advanced customisation settings in paid plans have a non-CSS solution for toggling dates/years on/off?

Link your site (or at least name your theme!). Since display of date is totally theme-specific, there’s not a general answer here, but there’s almost certainly a theme-specific answer.

Thank you for the reply. Right now I was attempting this with the default theme, and it has a toggle for disabling post dates on the main page feed, but not for the post view.

Are you able to edit the theme? It’d be possible to turn 2024 into 2924 pretty easily if so. If not, we can hide the whole date with code injection or hide or rewrite the year with JavaScript (but on slower internet, it may blink wrong first). What’s your preference?

Yes, I’ve managed to successfully remove the date using

  .gh-article-meta-date { display: none }

In header in Code Injection after I was given the script. At some point I will probably switch to a paid plan and try out more themes though, so I may need the same help with those in the future. Is there a guide on what I should look at to understand what I need to modify for the script to work with different themes, so I don’t need to bother people every time with this?

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Ooh that looks helpful - I was looking at this guide, and it wasn’t very understandable. Thank you.

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