Is it possible to use tags in a theme template to make something members only?

Coming from WP, I could create a page template and show a div & its contents only to people who are logged in, or people who have a specific role. Does something similar exist for Ghost? The Members document didn’t mention anything of this nature.

I have a specific use-case for this: I’d like to use Discourse with Ghost - but make it a members only option. If someone wants to comment, they have to become at least a free member.

Hey @CheezBallz, you could use @member helper for this.

{{if @member.paid}}
  <p>Thanks for becoming a paying member 🎉</p>
{{else if @member}}
  <p>Thanks for being a member 🙌</p>
  <p>You should totally sign up... 🖋</p>

More info here.

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THANK YOU! I didn’t think to look in the theming section of the docs, my bad.