Is it recommended to develop on Windows and then run the source code to remote Ubuntu server(in production)?

So I have recently set up GIT on my Ghost website, and have pushed all the contents of ghost/content/themes from my production server, to Github. So now, I plan to pull all code on my Windows machine, develop and make changes and push changes to Github. And finally pull the updated code to a remote production server, which runs Ubuntu 20.04.

Is it recommended to do so, that is, dev in windows and production in ubuntu? Will that create hiccups due to differences in OS? I think it shouldn’t have any problems since the actual ghost installation files aren’t being synced between Windows and Ubuntu machines, but I’m not sure.

Also, to get ghost installed for the aforementioned purposes, I plan on using this guide, to install it locally on a windows machine. Will this install be alright for the above purposes?