Is it still true that Ghost doesn't deletes images if you delete it from the post?

Hi guys,

I was taking a look on this post: Delete images on posts

And seems like Ghost doesn’t deletes images from posts when you delete it.

While I understand the reason for this, wouldn’t be better to create a unique name for the image on each upload? That way, if you delete it, it won’t ever affect another post/image other than the one that you wanted to delete :)

I have a small blog in Ghost and I’m intending to create more projects with it as it is a wonderful project, so I just wanted to know how things are working currently.

Thank you!

I just found this post:

And yeah, that actually makes sense for me. I guess I’m overthinking. I rarely deletes an image, and if I do, I will be using more 200~400kb more of hosting, wow!

Haha lol.

Either way, if someone knows anything about this, I would like to know just for curiosity