Is it still true that Ghost doesn't deletes images if you delete it from the post?

Hi guys,

I was taking a look on this post: Delete images on posts

And seems like Ghost doesn’t deletes images from posts when you delete it.

While I understand the reason for this, wouldn’t be better to create a unique name for the image on each upload? That way, if you delete it, it won’t ever affect another post/image other than the one that you wanted to delete :)

I have a small blog in Ghost and I’m intending to create more projects with it as it is a wonderful project, so I just wanted to know how things are working currently.

Thank you!

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I just found this post:

And yeah, that actually makes sense for me. I guess I’m overthinking. I rarely deletes an image, and if I do, I will be using more 200~400kb more of hosting, wow!

Haha lol.

Either way, if someone knows anything about this, I would like to know just for curiosity

Yes it is true. Beyond that; any image you ever upload to any draft is on your servers forever.


The absence of a media library it’s still a big problem for me, I cannot manage the media on the website and many are having the same problem. Fortunately, as an open-source project, individuals outside the Ghost team have stepped in to fill these functional gaps. An example is the contribution of services like GitHub - ghostboard/ghost-purge-images: CLI tool to display & purge the uploaded images, video and audio files that currently are not used in any post, page or meta data


Ghost perge is nice, but it is only for people with access to the server. I am exploring options for adding this plugin as a feature in the admin UX.

I intend to update an issue i’ve created as I progress.

Here is the issue i’m using to discuss these efforts

Very cool. Interested in this. Also wondering if your software won’t include in the delete list also the scheduled posts, since these posts are not live yet (I usually have a lot of scheduled posts).