Delete images on posts


Hi there. I’ve noticed a not too good thing about images. When you create a blog and upload a picture on the post settings and then click delete image, it never actually deletes the image. It remains in the server.

I think it’s more convinient to have it deleted it. Otherwise is extra space. I uploaded the same image 4 times after modifications, now I have 4 copies :smile:, I only need 1.

Thank you


The reason Ghost doesn’t delete images now is partly limited by the fact the image can be linked elsewhere.

The idea encompassing this one is Media Library - Manage all files in one place


I understand that. Question… when you upload an image to the post, so it can be the feature image that appears at the index page, how can you reuse that image? You would have to manually copy the url, there is no way to just copy the “local” path. Now, how can you reuse that same image in another feature post? You can’t, there is no way to reuse the image for feature posts. I don’t think anyone is going to copy the link of a featured image on the post, and paste it… where on the same post? That wouldn’t make sense. The only thing that I can think of is to share the post and include sort of the link with it’s thumbnail.

Anyway, it’s an idea, if you think it’s best, then keep it :grinning:

This idea is similar to the one you gave, that would prob. be best, a media file manager