Is the article width adjustable?

Hello! I’m translating an article and ready to publish it on Ghost. However, I found that the Tableau visualization embedded in that article has a different width from the text. If I embed the code, the visualization block will be compressed and cannot have a full display. Please note that I want to keep the current text width but to extend the width for the visualization.

The original article:

It looks like this on Ghost:

There are a couple of different ways this is possible. Which theme are you using?

I’m currently using Bulletin.

Great. That makes things a bit easier.

In your HTML card, wrap the Tableau embed like this:

<div class="kg-width-wide">
 <!-- Put your Tableau code here -->

This will make the embed a bit wider than the content. (It’s using the same class the theme uses for wide images.) Depending on the embed code, you may need some further adjustments — just let us know how it works.


That works like magic. Thanks so much!

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A following question: can photos be full-width too?

Yep. When you add a photo to Ghost Editor, there’s an option to change the width to wide (1) and full-bleed (2). It’s up to themes how they implement this, but Bulletin does support it.

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