Is there a way I can make some posts visible to only some members?

I have a blog and I understand that I can make some posts public and some posts members-only, but is there way I can have kind of two tiers of members, one group who can see some of the members-only posts and another tier of logged in members who have access to every post?

My use case is that I don’t want every member, whether they are a paying member or not (and I’m not planning to charge a subscription fee anyway) to be able to read posts that I tag as “personal”. I just want those personals to be visible to a select number of members (friends).

The only way I can think of is just to set the subscription fee at an absurdly high amount (a thousand dollars a month or something) and then just give “complimentary premium plans” to my friends that allows them, and only them, to see the personal posts that I was set as visible to paid members only. The only problem I can see with this is that I can’t end up down the track deciding I do want to charge a regular subscription fee, without removing all the personal posts, and also there is the remote possibility that somebody might decide to pay the thousand dollars to get access to these personal posts and then do a charge-back or something.

Hey @DonaldH, what you describe might be a possibility with the upcoming custom plans functionality. See this comment for more info.

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Thank you, @Stromfeldt! That’s very good to hear that this is in the works.