Is there an embeddable signup form?

I see. There’s nothing on the network tab that’s even loading from my Ghost site

EDIT: Disregard, I found this

Does it literally say GHOSTADMINDOMAIN or your actual domain name?

It says my * domain, which I just didn’t want to post.

302 is a temporary redirect. There should be a Location header in the HTTP 302 response of the URL it will try next.

OK I found this. There’s no access-control-allow-origin here though. It seems like it’s redirecting from my admin domain to my regular domain. Could the discrepancy be why it’s throwing a CORS error?

EDIT: I figured this out. I needed to use my regular domain for data-ghost and my admin domain for data-api. This is what my script tag should have been:

<script defer src="" data-ghost="" data-api="" data-key="699593c3a30c3a6f2376e2f14a"></script>


Glad you figured it out! :) Thanks for reporting back.

Adding this to the external site is now adding the “subscribe” button from the bottom right corner of my Ghost site to the other site.

Now there is a built-in solution:

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