Newsletter sign up form for Ghost blog

Hi, I am running Ghost on a subdomain as my blog and I have Webflow as the main site. I would like to add a newsletter signup form on my main site so that people can fill in the form on the main site to register to receive the newsletter from the Ghost blog.

Does anyone know how I can make this happen?

Thank you.

I think you can just load Ghost Portal and add your Ghost url to it:

<script defer src="" data-ghost=""></script>

I’m not sure if you would run into any CORS issues though. Also, you might have to update the portal version every once in a while

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Thank you so much. I am grateful. That helps, it’s very close to what I am looking for. Instead of it saying “Subscribe” is there any way of making that button say “Subscribe to Newsletter”?

If that’s not possible, is it possible to create a button that you can insert into a webpage, so when a user clicks the button that pops up for join/subscribe happens?

Please ignore my question. I have just seen it’s possible. Thanks.