Is there an equivalent of Wordpress Reader for a Ghost?

Hey everyone,

Is there an equivalent of the Wordpress Reader for Ghost. I remember back in 2012, I had a personal blog and I gained so many readers and fantastic interactions amongst fellow bloggers. Wondering if such a thing exists for Ghost?

What I can understand is that you are looking for an alternative to WordPress, in that sense maybe something like Medium is a great option for you

There is Ghost Explore, which features Ghost blogs. You can also access it in the admin area and read other Ghost blogs from your own Ghost instance.

A feature in development is called Recommendations. With that, you’ll be able promote other Ghost blogs from your site, and they can do the same. This differs from just plain links because there will be some tracking of visits and subscribers that are gained through the recommendations. The feature is currently in alpha and can be tested locally.


More than just Ghost sites, it would appear.

Ghost Explore is comparable to a number of other services that promote blogs and newsletters in general. I’ll recommend in the same vein.

But what would be really useful is if Ghost Explore could show articles / headlines, or was generally more dynamic. Right now, it’s just the same damn page every single day, and there’s no reason for anybody to go there twice. If it showed articles, it would actually do that Medium / Substack thing where people can go there to read, and therefore do.

I mean, I know they don’t want to be centralized like Medium or Substack, and I do appreciate that, but if they could just put hooks in ghost-explore to auto-embed posts into the UI, that’d do a lot.