Anyone know of a WordPress plugin for Ghost?


Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that allows you to display the latest few posts on a Ghost blog?

We use WordPress as our main website, but what to use Ghost as the blog.


There was a plugin that you can export the posts with and then you need to install and old version of Ghost (1.0), import the content and then upgrade to version 2.xx.

If you don’t need to migrate content and need a fresh blog, you can install ghost on a VPS and then have it load on a subdomain (i.e. or maybe on a forwarded URL ( But you cannot host ghost on your wordpress hosting account IF it is a shared hosting package.

OR are you referring to a plugin that can pull in new posts from a headless ghost installation and display the posts using the Ghost API?

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Hi - Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I was implying more like the latter. A plugin that can display latest posts from a separate ghost blog/separate hosting etc, into the front end which is currently WordPress.

I assume I’m going to have to hardcode or have someone build the plugin, but thought I’d reach out here first.

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You could probably use Ghost’s API and do this with some JavaScript.

Maybe looking at the Gatsby starter will give you some ideas (how that theme grabs content and displays it):

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There are tonnes of approaches available for this.

You could do this in client or server side javascript using our pre-existing content API client:

Or you could use the Content API reference docs for guidance and pull the posts in server-side with PHP:

Even better would be if someone wanted to write a Content API client in PHP - the API is still really new, so noone has really tackled this stuff yet :slight_smile:

Also possible is using Ghost’s webhooks, which are very under-documented at the moment (sorry, WIP, this is all new!) to get new posts on publish and update a file / cache / something somewhere only when there is new content.

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