Is there any pop-up solution to collect emails for newsletter?

I have trouble collecting emails via the newsletter section on my blog. I have around 20,000 visitors per month, but the total number of emails I collect from the footer does not exceed 100. The conversion rate is 0.5%. :neutral_face:

While I was using WordPress before, I kept my conversion rate between 3-4% with well-designed popups, but I can’t provide this because I can’t popup when I switch to ghost.

Do you know the popup plugin? How can I collect more newsletter subscribers?


Have checked out some of the premium themes on offer that support the beta members feature? For example @ahmadajmi has some great themes that feature subscribe options more prominently to attract more signups, check them out here:

Sometimes popups can feel intrusive. Featuring your subscribe option in a more prominent area can prove just as effective :blush:


It is also important that the newsletter field is prominent instead of popup. However, the conversion of this is not very effective compared to the new generation popups.

No matter how good UX is made, even Google Ads now serves it with a tiny popup on the right to highlight something. Therefore, I cannot evaluate this suggestion by changing my entire theme. :frowning:

I did have similar problems. Besides collecting emails, I wanted to use a popup to highlight a specific blog post.

Usually there are hundreds of popup plugins on the platform like wordpress but ghost does not have such a plugin unfortunately.

After researching, I found popup builder services that I can create using popup for ghost. The services I will recommend from these are as follows: (Free up to 10,000 page views) * the service that i use (49 euro per month) (Free up to 5.000 page views)

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I do agree with @davidbarnes, popup is very obtrusive… in my opinion :slight_smile:
Did you try the popup that you can create with MailChimp ? It is very light.

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Any recommendation on how to go about this? Maybe inject the newsletter form within the article? How can one go about this?

I’m in a similar boat. The site gets nice traffic but not a single signup to the newsletter. Would prefer tot not go the pop up direction. I hate them myself and wouldn’t want to implement them on my users.

Inserting the signup form within the post could be a good idea. I would recommend putting it at the the bottom of the post, within the post template, and then use JavaScript to bring it more inline. You could use the HTML card to designate a “slot” for it by adding a specifically named <div> element.

Just an idea :blush:

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I support this idea. Im planning to do a tutorial about how i do my own HTML sign up forms! :slight_smile: