Pop-up solution to collect emails for newsletter

Usually there are hundreds of popup plugins on the platform like wordpress but ghost does not have such a plugin unfortunately.

Hey there, Outpost.pub has a beta popup solution that is built specifically for Ghost. We call it Auto CTAs.

So you can set a popup to show only to unknown readers, and show nothing or something different to readers that are free, monthly or annual subscribers.

There’s also ways to have CTAs inserted automatically into posts, and a bottom of the page slide-up unit (similar to Medium or Bloomberg) that has the same fine grained display options.

Likely coming out of Beta in the next week or so.

Happy to share more info if you like.


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Not sure how to use Outpost.pub

But anyway, I think this SHOULD be a native Ghost option.

Beehiiv and substack have it. I feel like I’m missing a lot of conversion due to it.