Is there any theme for business presentation?

Hello all,

Need advice for theme and please take note that I don’t plan on having paid membership. I just hate wordpress.

My actual ghost website is and I used a premium theme : Krabi.

I love it BUT … in order to use this theme, I need to pay $29 per month …

I only have 250 subscribers and very few visits per month …

So I want to go down do $9 in few weeks … Any theme recommended compared to the actual structure with a static home page ?

My main issue :

Also, for my actual business … I am using a landing page

The traffic goes down compared to my old
Also, my customers / visitors told me that the website do not create enough trust.

I wanted to switch my consulting business to a blog platform that will lead readers to book a call with me.
Any theme recommended ?

Should I keep a newsletter landing page, and have my commercial offer on a page accessible from menu ?

Thank your help, and sorry for my english.

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I think you’re limited to ‘official’ themes if you are using the $9/month tier. Maybe this one is kind of similar?

But it doesn’t have a static front page. I’m not sure any of them do out of the box. If you’re wanting customization then you’ll need to use the higher tear or consider self hosting. Or other hosts? I think there are a few options out there

I wonder what solution you have found?