Issue(s) with Creating a Local Instance of a Ghost Website

I am working on a website that is hosted on Ghost - the website has been publicly deployed, but for editing purposes I would like to have a local version of the site, to test edits before making any changes to the central code.

I’ve followed the instructions in the tutorial How to install Ghost locally on Mac, PC or Linux, and it successfully resolves to the http://localhost:2368/ghost/ link on my device. I created a local administrator account, uploaded a ZIP file version of the current design (which I downloaded from our company Ghost Dashboard), to my local administrator account. I attempted to activate it, but am experiencing error(s) stating that the “Templates must contain valid Handlebars”. Additionally, I have run the gscan command-line command on my ZIP file, and it didn’t return any errors.

The default Casper design file also states that " Failed to lookup view “index” in views directory". Any suggestions?